Election Round; Part One : PDCI-RDA

Election time is coming. They told us March, but I guess that’s not possible again. Maybe October.

It will also mark the 10th “anniversary” of FPI power.

Before getting to that, here are the main political formations and their candidate.

  • RDR (Rassemblement des Républicains) : Alassane Dramane Ouattara, ADO, 59, 68 (sorry for the typo)
  • PDCI (Parti Démocratique de Côte d’Ivoire) : Henri Konan Bédié, HKB, 76
  • FPI (Front Populaire Ivoirien) : Laurent Gbagbo, 65

Here is what I think about the PDCI candidacy.


The historical leader of PDCI is held to be responsible for the Ivorian Miracle. The PDCI, in power for 39 years, has actually done a lot for the country. Up to the nineties, Ivory Coast was a success, when compared to neighbour countries. So it still has the confidence of many Ivorians.

Bédié still has sympathy from a good part of the population.

Bédié and Ouattara may form an alliance if one of them reaches the second round.

Bédié recently had a speech about their political programme. He looks very engaged into solving a couple of issues, especially security issues. I guess he wants a revenge. However, that wasn’t enough, the content was weak. Basically, he had a part for each matter (education, health, economy…), in which he was just giving stats about FPI bad results in recent years. Then he just explained that he would do better. How? that’s a good but unanswered question.

They are not communicating on how they would solve the issues of their previous administration. That’s what we want to know. How can we be sure a Coup is not going to happen again?

As proved by many cases, no matter the good will of the leadership, a political formation holding the power for more than 30 years results in high corruption. And PDCI was very corrupted. They would have to do better in that.

Bédié was personally responsible in many corruption scandals. Including his palaces worth millions of dollars.

Bédié takes it too personally. Against FPI, but also against everyone that neglected him in the past 10 years.

Come on, the guy is 76. Would you give the keys of your future to a guy who isn’t going to be active for such a long time? They would have to win big time in the legislative elections, because the President of the Assembly is FPI now.

I’ll write my thoughts about FPI and RDR later.

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2 thoughts on “Election Round; Part One : PDCI-RDA

  1. John says:

    ADO’s a bit older I think. According to wikipedia he was born (not always a precise thing here) on 1 January 1942, making him by my calculations, 68.

    Well done on the blog. I think a first, for an anglophone blog dedicated to IC.

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