Goodbye, chairman

After a long year of Presidency, Gaddafi is no longer the leader of African Union. YAY !

“However, Mr Gaddafi wanted to extend the term. He had the support of Tunisia, and is said to have won over some smaller countries by paying their AU membership dues.” LOL

Anyway, after I saw that big party he organized with the kings, and his position in the Madagascar case, I was done with this guy.

Now we can work.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, chairman

  1. Mailou-x2 says:

    On September 1st, 1969, while king Muhammad Idriss As-Senousis left for his annual cure for Turkey. A group of officers knocks down the diet(regime) and Mouammar Kadhafi proclaims the Republic at the age of 27.

    And now, he wants to become a king. King of kings!

  2. eraser says:

    Everything has an end.
    He support all putchist and the “franceafrica”.

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