A far far away country where racism is still OK

France’s Home Security Minister Brice Hortefeux was charged yesterday by a court to pay a 750€ fine for racial insults.

The facts happened in September 2009, when he said the following during a political meeting (talking about a member of his party of North African origin):

“He doesn’t match the profile at all. You always need one of them. When there’s one, it’s okay. It’s when you’ve got more than one, that the problems start.”

After receiving the sentence, he got full support from the Prime Minister François Fillon, who talked about his “friendship and faith” towards Brice Hortefeux. I mean, why not a medal, while you’re at it ?

So after the alliance with extremist parties, the illegal and degrading conditions of migrant expulsion, the racist speeches, what’s next from the governing party in France ?

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