Gbagbo’s lawyers

When he’s starting to receive the support of Roland Dumas and Jacques Verges, Laurent Gbagbo has lost his American lobbyist: Lanny Davis. Davis, a 100 000 dollars/month Washington lobbyist resigned Wednesday because Gbagbo has refused on many occasions to answer Barack Obama’s phone calls.

Vergès and Dumas, along with their usual controversy, defended Gbagbo’s election, in what appears to be another sign that Gbagbo is not going to accept his defeat.

The choice of the two French lawyers is far from surprising. Former Foreign Minister during Francois Mitterrand’s presidency, Roland Dumas is both a connoisseur of international affairs and an expert in constitutional law – he has chaired the French Constitutional Council between 1995 and 2000. The lawyer is also a former leader of the Socialist Party (PS), some of whom have remained close to the Gbagbo camp.
France 24

Jacques Vergès, a well known anti-colonialist and former resistant during the German occupation of France, has defended Klaus Barbie, Carlos, Khieu Samphan (Khmer Rouge) and Slobodan Milošević.

Dumas has been involved in the controversy following the Taiwan Frigates affair and the Elf scandal.

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