The miscalculation of Gbagbo’s advisors

Most of the observers agree on the fact that Gbagbo delayed the 2005 elections until he was sure to win. Since he would not have been elected in 2000 if the main parties were allowed to participate, the rebellion and the civil war would have been used as motives to postpone the polls until he judged the context “favorable” for his  election.

The Mouvement interafricain de réflexion et d’action (African Movement for Action and Reflection) is now suing Euro RSCG, the French communication agency which drew Gbagbo’s campaign strategy and conducted the pre-election polls in the country.

RSCG is blamed for publishing in the French press a number of surveys, all very positive for the outgoing president. On October 20th 2010, its results gave Gbagbo winner in the first round with 46% of the vote against 24% to Ouattara. The reality was somewhat different.

According to the survey, 49% of respondents were satisfied by the action of Gbagbo of the Ivorian and 69% (nearly 7 out of 10) were a positive assessment of its program.

For Patricia Balme, president of BP International, the agency that has worked for Ouattara, the responsibility of Euro RSCG is clear : “Stéphane Fouks(RSCG advisor) vowed to Gbagbo he would win the election easily. They ‘put in a frame of mind as he did not expect to lose. This is one of the reasons why he clings to his post. ” Source

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