Links about the situation in Côte d’Ivoire, Jan 14th 2011

Although the news have seemed to be slower about Côte d’Ivoire since the end of last year, the situation has been deteriorating, with daily violence in some areas of Abidjan (Abobo, Anyama) against civil populations, the discovery of a third mass grave around the city of Issia, and repeated acts of intimidation against the UN.

Here are some good articles about the current situation in Côte d’Ivoire.

Ivory Coast Forces Crack Down on Opposition, New York Times, Adam Nossiter
The financial war in Ivory Coast: Five key questions answered, The Christian Science Monitor, Drew Hinshaw
Cote D’Ivoire: The case against military intervention, Pan-African voices for Freedom and Justice, Mawuli Dake
Côte d’Ivoire’s elections: Chronicle of a failure foretold, Pan-African voices for Freedom and Justice, Pierre Sané
We can’t engineer the result we want in Ivory Coast, The Guardian, William Bill Easterly
Crisis of Democracy in Continent, AllAfrica, Dibussi Tande

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