Gbagbo strikes back at the West African Monetary Zone

After the tightening of the measures by the Central Bank of West African States against his regime, Gbagbo has commandeered the premises and personnel of the regional bank in Abidjan. According to some sources, as much as 50 billion CFAs were seized during the operation led by heavily armed men.

What everyone feared has finally happen yesterday. At the head of a large and heavily armed detachment of the Defense and Security Forces , Mr. Désiré Dallo, Minister of Economy and Finances of the Gbagbo government, broke late yesterday morning in the premises of the Central Bank in Abidjan-Plateau, where he forced at gunpoint two bank officials to open the doors of the vault in order to access the safe.
To operate peacefully, the perimeter of the BCEAO was totally sealed off, by important units of the police, gendarmerie and the army forces. Three tanks cut the access to the bank, topping vehicles with machine guns.
According to a source at the bank when Mr. Désiré Dallo arrived, things went very quickly. Two officers of the BCEAO, whose names have not been specified were invited to open the doors to the vault where the safe is. According to our sources, not less than 50 billion CFA francs in cash were stored in the vault. And this is the jackpot which is now in the hands of Gbagbo. Source

On a similar note, Gbagbo also seized the power-dispatching center of the Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité, suspending the power supply in rebel-controlled territory (more than half of the country).

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