“Côte d’Ivoire is on the verge of bankruptcy”

Extract from an interview of the Ivorian journalist André Silver Konan:

Côte d’Ivoire is doing badly, very badly. Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy. Even in the midst of the war, the economic and financial indicators were not as much in the red area. This encourages an empirical management of public affairs, which took the country, in terms of management mechanisms, back to the colonial era. Obviously, this management is the open door to any kind of embezzlement.

Some facts prove my assertion. The hotel sector is growing grim. Many upscale hotels have already closed down. There are butane gas shortages in the households. Many gas stations display “out of stock”. Companies dependent of post-conflict projects funded by the Breton Woods institutions or the EU or by the cooperation of EU countries and Asia, as well as Canada or the United States, are on the verge of asphyxiation. Providers are declaring tens of billions of francs of unpaid bills from the state, just as the private schools owners, who face bankruptcy. Every day, jobs are suspended, men are made redundant or laid off. Go to the Bourse de l’Emploi of Treichville, and you will be shocked by the scale of the tragedy. Inflation, due to the shortage of liquidity and rising production costs, is the norm. And all things being equal, wages not increasing, even decreasing in some companies, I can tell you that the situation is untenable for the average Ivorian. The government now ignores the transparency system (with checks, delivery slips, correspondence, etc..) and prefers the money, available here and now. As evidenced by calls to pay taxes directly to the recipient, rather than by check.

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