Gbagbo loses important South African support

If effective, this could be a major blow to Gbagbo’ strategy. The African Union strategy will now probably meet ECOWAS actions against Gbagbo, even if I think a military intervention is unlikely. Let’s see how Gbagbo’s “six other African allies” react to that.

South Africa now officially stands behind the position of the African Union, which recognizes Alassane Ouattara as the sole legitimate president of Cote d’Ivoire. The diplomatic isolation of outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo is thus further increased.
While the forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo are under heavy military pressure, the outgoing president has just recorded a diplomatic setback. South Africa, which had observed a benevolent neutrality on the Ivorian crisis, has formally requested the departure of Laurent Gbagbo.
“One of the things said in the statement of the African Union is that Ouattara is the legitimate winner and Gbagbo should step down. South Africa supports this, “said Clayson Monyela, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, according to news agency SAPA.
Just last week, the Gbagbo camp claimed he had an alliance with Pretoria, and six other African countries. The South African president Jacob Zuma was one of five including Heads of State of the panel appointed by the African Union (AU) to find a solution to the Ivorian crisis.

Read the rest of the story here. Via Jeune Afrique.


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