South African troops in Abidjan ?

Are we going towards the intervention of a new foreign army in Côte d’Ivoire? Reportedly, South Africa is indeed ready to send troops to Abidjan to make its citizens safe.

This would be for Pretoria to protect its nationals and possibly evacuate. But the low number of South Africans to help (they are only 20 in Abidjan, according to our information) raises questions.

We can only make guesses at this stage, but if Laurent Gbagbo, besieged in his presidential residence, were to choose exile, he would need a base and an exfiltration by forces that have his confidence …

The South African Navy already has a supply ship anchored off from Abidjan, the SAS Drakensberg. This particular building can accommodate a helicopter.

Pretoria also has another warship, located in the Gulf of Guinea, which should soon be moving to Abidjan.

One hundred paratroopers, commandos in South Africa are also stationed in Accra (Ghana) and may be involved in the Ivorian economic capital.


Read the rest of the story in Jeune Afrique.

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