Gbagbo’s suicide attempt

Only one source has this information so far, so we are not sure if it is 100% reliable. Nevertheless, it is a very good thing he his safe.

Reports from Korhogo indicate that the former head of state, arrested and placed under house arrest in this city in northern Cote d’Ivoire, had tried to end his days in the morning of April 23th, on the eve of Easter celebration, using his own clothes. These are his jailers (UN peacekeepers) who reportedly found him unconscious in his room. A doctor called an emergency who was able to save him. His days are not in danger. But what may have brought a man who begged the FRCI soldiers, on April 11th during his arrest, not kill him, to come to such an act of desperation? Does he want to escape justice? Or did he find it difficult to withstand the conditions of his detention?

According to a source, Gbagbo was in his bedroom and used his clothes to commit suicide. The source does not specify how. Did he attempt suicide by hanging or by any other method? It is still unclear. What is known however, is that a doctor called in emergency succeeded in saving him. “His days are no longer in danger,” said our source. Full link

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