South African economic, social, politic and regional challenges

Watch Kgalema Motlanthe discuss the future challenges of the Rainbow Nation with Riz Khan. Some interesting facts about the role of South Africa in the international and regional organizations. He also discusses why South Africa did not condemn the elections and the violence in Zimbabwe.

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2 thoughts on “South African economic, social, politic and regional challenges

  1. Peter Fong says:

    Where did Jacob-no-condom-Zuma find this man! A fresh breath of air! Sobering in short… Thank you for pointing out a man with whom we can have some faith in Ms. “untilourindpendence”! .

    Pity about the Seyi Rhodes self-promoting and idiotic character. recommendation…. Sorry,had to be said.. I was standing behind the kid on the Air-France flight the boy was taking out of Abidjan and I did not like what I saw..that was an inexperienced and self centered kid who with a cameraman (producer…editor or whatever) whose underpants were flashing the world not wanting to understand that they had to pay overweight…. Attitude summarized “My name is Seyi Rhodes, the whole world knows me and I do not pay overweight for my big camera’s and equipment!” ..

    • africo says:

      Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late answer. It is the second documentary I hear about from Rhodes, I believe the first one was about Sierra Leone. Thanks for the anecdote!

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