Africa’s most expensive cities

Luanda (1) remains the most expensive city for expatriates across Africa and globally, and N’Djamena follows in third place. Libreville (12) has slipped five places since last year. Niamey remains at 23 whereas Victoria (25) in the Seychelles dropped 12 places as the Seychelles rupee has weakened against the US dollar. In South Africa, Johannesburg (131) and Cape Town (158) have leapt 20 and 13 places in the ranking respectively, reflecting the strengthening of the South African rand. The least expensive cities in the region are Tunis (207) and Addis Ababa (211).

In 2011, Abidjan is the 67th most expensive city for expatriates, down from 45 last year. I was suprised by how high are N’Djamena (3) and Ouaga (28) were on that list. On the opposite, Africa’s cheapest cities Addis Abbeba (211), Tunis (207), Nouakchott (205) and Kampala (202) ranked very low.

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