“The UN opened the doors for the rebels” – Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki is back at it again, and this time he tells the South African Times what he thinks about the United Nations missions in Africa:

The task of UN peacekeepers in the Ivory Coast was to maintain peace between the North, occupied by the rebels and the South by government. The UN was supposed to make sure that the peace agreement is signed, that the two sides don’t clash and find a political solution. But what did the UN do? It opened the door for the rebels in the North to march into Abidjan and carry out operations there side-by-side with the UN forces. These are neutral peace-keepers but they took sides.


He then argues about the need to restructure the organization:

The UN needs to be restructured in a way that it is representative of the peoples of the world. In the current situation I doubt if some of the members on the Security Council with veto powers are interested to effect structural change which is urgent. They are contemptuous people and are certainly not in the mood in which they can entertain an African view about the fundamental restructuring of the UN.

“I think we can (stop them) provided that we act and they can see that if they take this kind of action they are going to meet the resistance of the entire African continent. That would make them rethink.

“But unfortunately our voice is very weak and we have to do something to strengthen this and speak out about the rights of Africans to decide their future.”

Considering Thabo Mbeki’s stances in both the Zimbabwe and the Cote d’Ivoire case, and today in the Lybian case, the fact that he is talking about the empowerment of African people is quite ironic. Read the full article here.

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