14 dead in West Cote d’Ivoire in militia attack in Nigré

Fourteen people, including ten civilians, have been on Thursday night in an attack from “militia” and “Liberian mercenaries” against the army in a village in south-western Côte d’Ivoire, said on Saturday a military source.
“In Nigré, a few miles from the Liberian border, militia members and Liberian mercenaries attacked our positions. They killed ten civilians and one soldier in the ranks of Republican Forces (FRCI, army). Three assailants were found dead, “he told AFP.
President Ouattara, Liberian counterpart Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other heads of state of West Africa, met on September 10th in Nigeria to intensify the surveillance of the border area.

This goes to show that security still is a major concern for both Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia, ahead of elections in both countries. To some extent, not only Ouattara and Sirleaf, but also Conde and Koroma will have to consider regional security as a priority. The outcome of Lybia’s war could also spill over these countries, as mercenaries and weapons from defeated Khadaffi forces will flow without control.

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