Updates on the blog

Updates have been very slow on the blog recently, mainly because I have been quite busy with my day job, and a couple of other personal matters that came up recently. Hopefully, things will get better soon and I can back to updating the blog more frequently.

Many news over the past few month would have deserved blog posts: the Nobel Peace Prize to Ellen Sirleaf Johnson and Leymah Gbowee, Robert Bourgi’s “malettes d’argent”, elections in Liberia or in Democratic Republic of Congo and many more. In Cote d’Ivoire, a lot could be written about the incarceration of  Notre Voie’s journalists César Etou, Didier Dépry and Boga Sivori, the legislative elections or even the political tendencies over the past few month. I intend to discuss these subjects in the next couple of weeks.

But first, I would like to launch a section on the blog dedicated to the trial of Laurent Gbagbo, updated with news from The Hague. It will include comprehensive explanations and analysis of the judiciary process.


Please comment if there is a subject you would like to see discussed here. Thanks again to all the readers who left kind messages in the comment sections.

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