Fatou Bensouda, an African Chief Prosecutor for the ICC

The ICC and Africa: A new relationship? – Inside Story – Al Jazeera English.

Watch Joseph Powderly, Florence Hartmann and David Anderson discuss the election of Gambian lawyer Fatou Bensouda as the successor of Luis Moreno-Ocampo for the International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor post.

Ocampo’s 9 year mandate has been very controversial, with the many cases exclusively targeting African countries, but without any successful outcome.

The appointment of the African candidate, Fatou Bensouda, raises hope for African citizens, who felt the ICC action has not been balanced under Ocampo. At the risk of disappointing them, she will probably  have to deal with many more African cases: Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Lybia.

Her candidacy was endorsed by the African Union, even though she has worked very closely with the much-criticized Ocampo. She will start her new role in June 2012, and will be responsible for handling the Gbagbo case.

Bensouda, a former justice minister in Gambia, has been Moreno-Ocampo’s deputy since 2004. She was elected by consensus at the annual meeting of the ICC’s 120 state parties at the UN headquarters on Monday.(source)

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court duties include the investigating and prosecuting the crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court: genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

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