Ian Khama on African cooperation with the ICC

In contrast to many African leaders who reject the competence of the International Criminal Court to judge their peers, Botswana’s President Ian Khama completely backs the international institution. He criticizes acutely African Union and the leaders opposing the judicial procedures.

Botswana’s President Ian Khama Monday hit out at African leaders who refuse to cooperate with the International Criminal Court saying it put the continent “on the wrong side of history.”

Khama, giving a keynote speech to the ICC’s annual meeting, particularly hit out at a decision by an African Union summit this year to oppose arrest warrants issued for late Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi and other African leaders.

“This decision is a serious setback in the battle against impunity in Africa and undermines efforts to confront war crimes and crimes against humanity which are committed by some leaders on the continent,” Khama said.

“Such a move also places Africa on the wrong side of history. It is a betrayal of the innocent and helpless victims of such crimes.”


“We need to have the political will and the moral courage to hold accountable, without fear or favour, anyone in authority — including a sitting head of state — when he or she is suspected of having committed crimes against innocent people,” Khama said. Source


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One thought on “Ian Khama on African cooperation with the ICC

  1. Tarig Anter says:

    Mr. Khama must know that Africans are not against justice at all but they are totally and strongly against western biased and corrupt politicized justice.
    I ask him how many political prisoners, refugees and exiled during the government of Mr. Gbagbo and compare them to those with the current French-American imposed administration.

    Mr. Gbagbo is really the Messiah of Ivorian Democracy and one more for Africa beside Lumumba; Chris Hani and many others.
    I feel very sorry that some people blame H.E. President Gbagbo for the disasters happening in Ivory Coast. Let us consider the following facts objectively to come to correct conclusions:
    Laurent Gbagbo
    1- Mr. Gbagbo never requested invalidation of election results; he only insisted on neutral investigation to voters registration and demanded voting recount;
    2- Mr. Ouattara; the French; and the UN refused any recount or inquiry on alleged malpractices; and defied the constitutional law of the land by creating the Gulf hotel base;
    3- Mr. Gbagbo is not a businessman but he and his wife are faithful nationalists and Africanists;
    4- After many years as a president, Mr. Gbagbo is not at all a wealthy man and his is not corrupt at all;
    5- The French and the UN used bloody military means to install Mr. Ouattara as a president; these are illegal acts;
    6- Mr. Ouattara and his wife are yet to prove to the Ivorian people that they are Ivoirians in the true sense;
    7- Lamenting Paris of Africa is only fit for a privileged minority; the status of Abidjan city is actually a result of corrupt national development policies of Mr. Boigny;
    8- Ivory Coast needs a lot of time and serious efforts to correct the huge disfigurations made by the autocratic regime of Felix Houphouet Boigny who is the godfather of Mr. Ouattara;
    9- Mr. Gbagbo records prove that he is not blood-thirsty or a dictator; while the latest events are evident of the new regime in Ivory Coast;
    10- The biggest mistakes of Mr. Gbagbo were his good faith in the rule of international law and the UN; and his peaceful approach with Mr. Ouattara and his backers;
    11- Mr. Gbagbo must be hailed for transforming Ivory Coast to multiparty democracy against the established clique of Mr. Felix Houphouet Boigny.
    12- The successes of Mr. Gbagbo are the results of the wide national trust and support from the Ivorian people; and against the plots and might of France and their local collaborators;
    13- Papa Houphouet was good for peace and economic prosperity for only the few and the national interests were among his interests; and surely he was not working for honest governance and political participation;
    14- Let us examine and compare the records of numbers of political prisoners; cases of corruption; assassinations; wealth disparity; economic and social welfare; and equal opportunities during the three eras;
    15- How best to serve the Ivorian national interests in dealing with French; foreign; and the selected interests;
    16- There are a lot of causes for concerns from the erosion of national security and national identity in northern Ivory Coast invading from neighboring countries; (the same is increasing in Ghana especially with oil prosperity);
    17- France with it bloody shameful history of exploitation and colonialism cannot be sincere in supporting democracy or development in any country before they pay back the loots and debts;
    18- While the best African minds and hands struggle to achieve modest recognition in Europe and the US, the least qualified Europeans are highly paid and privileged in Africa;
    19- The sudden French hypocritical interests in human rights and democracy in Ivory Coast are disguise for unethical business plans for exploitation in new discovered natural resources and wealth;
    20- Let anyone know that African profits made from chocolate and oil industries are just minute fractions. Greed; dishonesty; and violence never serve the goals of democracy and development.
    21- The presence of huge numbers of refugees and victims are clear votes of no confidence and aversion to the new regime in Ivory Coast.
    Mr. Laurent Gbagbo; popularly acclaimed as a Messiah of Ivorian democracy, he put an end to Felix Houphouet Boigny’s one party state. What the regime of Mr. Ouattara will be remembered for other than: French forces; violence; foreigners; refugees; and business empires?

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