“Run”, the movie about the Ivorian conflict

“The film’s main question is, ‘How did we come to such violence?’” said the Franco-Ivorian director, lamenting the thousands of people killed during a decade of rebellion, civil war and post-election violence.

isaac bankole movie

Run, both the film title and the main character’s name, chronicles the slide from innocence to violence and crime in this resource-rich country that was once a beacon of stability in west Africa.

His project drew attention when presented in pre-production at the 2012 Cannes film festival. And while the film has touched some nerves at home, the state has agreed to finance seven per cent of its 1$2.4 million budget, with the rest coming from France and Israel.

The buzz has also brought native son Isaach de Bankole — who appeared in the 2006 James Bond thrillerCasino Royale and Lars von Trier’s 2005 film Manderlay — back home for the first time in 17 years to play a role in Run.

The story centres around a peaceable teenager who is on track to become a village “rainmaker” or sorcerer but instead joins the Young Patriots, followers of the former president Laurent Gbagbo who are capable of extreme violence.

Source: http://www.africareview.com/Arts-and-Culture/Cote-dIvoire-puts-hope-in-first-feature-film-on-conflict-years/-/979194/2007756/-/bsi2v4/-/index.html

Really looking forward to see this movie. I saw the brilliant Kenyan Nairobi Half Life movie last week, I hope Run will be as good.
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