Westgate Mall Attack: was the mall looted by the Kenyan army?

From John Campbell’s Africa in Transition:


Film footage has emerged showing Kenyan army soldiers engaged in widespread looting. According to shopkeepers, expensive merchandise went first. Numerous witnesses say that the murderers took nothing except the occasional soft drink. Customers–fleeing the premises as fast as they could–took nothing. Yet the mall appears to have been picked clean and was littered with liquor bottles, leaving the onus of suspicion on the Kenyan army. According to the New York Times, one survey shows that 77 percent of the participants believe the Kenyan Army was responsible for the looting.

[…] Many Kenyans appear to be outraged by the looting, and President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched an official inquiry. But official inquiries in Kenya usually do not result in concrete action.

Meanwhile, members of the Kenyan parliament are calling for the government to shut down the Somali refugee camps. Blame the victim? Perhaps. But the killings do appear to have been the work of al-Shaabab, even if the looting was done by Kenyans.


Sometimes mankind is “a little lower than the angels.” Sometimes, much lower.

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