Another disappointing World Cup for coute d’Ivoire – 6 things we learnt in Brasil

Another tournament, another poor performance from the national team.

Not too upset this time though. Despite the dramatic end to the last game, the “Greek Tragedy”, we did not deserve anything better. In a group that looked “easy on paper”, we only produced decent football for about half an hour, in the game against Japan. Colombia and Greece were clearly better than we were. So let’s look at what we learnt over the past two weeks.

Grece cote d'Ivoire

Experience is not an excuse anymore
This is the third consecutive world cup for our players. Most of them have extensive international experience. The previous excuse “the team is young and lacks experience” does not work anymore. we just have to work harder and play better.Serge Aurier is a star player, and the only world-class player we have in defense.
Only one player impressed throughout the three group matches: Serge Aurier. The young right-back was solid in defense, and a constant attacking threat, providing a few assists. I am convinced he will be getting offers from major clubs over the summer.
The rest of the defense is too weak for the international level.

Simple as that, we cannot win games if the defense does not have the discipline against average attackers, let alone world class. The two Greek goals proved it.

Our midfield is poor as well
Other than Yaya Toure, who did not play as well as he does in Manchester, the midfielders do not pose a threat for opposing defenders, and are error prone in defense. Tiote and Die show aggressivity and motivation, but are too error prone to compete seriously at the top level. Cannot see the pair as the future of a strong international team.

Gervinho will be the attack leader for the next few years
Gervinho played much better that during the African Nation cup, and managed to have a big impact on games. He will be the spearhead for the attack in the next few years, as the influence of Drogba decreases. He does show motivation initiative, and skills provided his confidence is high. Kalou had his moments, but was a disappointment overall. Jury is still out for Bony, and the other promising players who did not participate (Doumbia, Traore?)

Sabri Lamouchi was a terrible choice from the FIF
Complete lack of tactics, terrible coaching, no leadership, bad communication. Terrible choice from the Federation Ivoirienne de Football. I wish these guys understand that we need a local coach, not another amateur from Europe.

Time to move on and start from fresh.
Let’s try to make the best of the situation. I hope the Federation Ivoirienne de Football and the technical staff finally get the lesson from the bad experience and get their act together. I might be time for a few players to retire as well.

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