Copa Barry for President

Copa Barry, the long-serving but trophy-less Ivorian goalkeeper, spent most of the AFCON 2015 tournament on the bench, as Sylvain Gbohouo played well and saved the team on numerous occasions in the buildup to the final game.

To be completely frank, I was not re-assured when I saw that Barry would play the final. His previous performance along the years were sub-par, and we would have needed a strong performance from him in the final.

But this time, he delivered.


Gbohouo was stuck by injury, and the much criticised Copa Barry played as a goalkeeper for the final. The rest is history. Barry saved two crucial penalty shootouts when the team was down, only to deliver the final blow to Ghana, which meant victory for Côte d’Ivoire.

I was criticised. But I am a man who wants to progress in my life, and keep learning.

I am not the tallest, or even the most talented player. But I want to learn. I want to keep progressing. All the criticism helped me to grow.

I worked hard for the team. God is just.

I am thinking about my Mother. My Mother was suffering from not seeing me on the field.

I want to thank all the Ivoirians and everyone. Thanks.


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