Individual prejudice & structured racism

British Rapper Akala discusses racism ahead of UK elections on Frankie Boyle’s show.

Akala discusses the different portrayal, and media treatment of white versus black & brown individuals, in Europe, America and Australia.

He makes extremely valid points, about how racism is not only about preconceived ideas and biased, but about an attitude that is deeply engraved in “western” societies.

Having lived at various points of my life in majoritarily “white” countries, this is something I have felt a long time, but struggled to explain to people around me. Racism is not only about the explicit acts of everyday’s life, the violence, the offensive language, or even the looks. The majority fails to understand that racism is ingrained in a lot of implicit behavior. Society’s expectations for black and white individuals are not the same. Society The majority expects the minority to act in a certain manner, to be inferior in every way, excepted arts and sports.

This creates a burden for the minority, something they have to live every day with. You feel like you are constantly on trial, as if the majority’s eyes are constantly on you. As if you have a responsibility towards everyone whose skin has the same color. As if you are responsible for the action of everyone who just has that one thing in common with you. The skin color.
Even in the work environment, knowing that you need to perform at much higher standards to expect the same outcome than your white counterpart is more than frustrating.

This is not getting better now, with right-wing ideologies making gains across France, Germany, Greece, Russia and to some extent UK and Italy. The solution does not lie in the scapegoating of an minority for all the ills in Europe. Rather, acknowledging inequality and inconsistencies in policies and treatment of citizens might be steps in the right direction.

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